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Main Rules


Every season last 18 days and is host twice every year.

Users can participate with his NFT based on ranking and is given 0 to 100 divided in four different card rarity.



          Normal 3 Points 

          Rare 6 Points  

          Epic 9 Points

          Legendary 18 Points

          Diamonds 24 Points

You can feel up to 5 card in every slot, the higher the ranking the higher is the chance to win.

Every slot have a rarity and this is given to the higher ranked card that is in your slot.

Every arena consists in 16 challangers, only 1 will have the chance to win fantastic prices

In order to participate in the NFT arena you need to fill one slot whit 5 of your picked cards.


Ways to ern NFT’s in Game Eternity


You can purchase from our shop your NFT card and immediately start to play in tournament.

Another easy way to earn NFT is to accomplish the quests in Game Eternity, quests are refresh every Sunday at 00:00 o’clock UTC.

Participate and win to Eternity NFT arena to earn fantastic prices.



Roll the Dice:


Once you are ready and all your cards are filled in the slot you can start your way

Choose your favorite arena and fight your way to victory.

Remember always to manage risk, if your slot is ranked “epic” try to join same or lower ranked arenas to maximize your chance to win.

Players can compete each other with dice battle,  every time one player lose the dice battle it will lose 3 points, until one will lose all points and the winner will move to next step battle.

Dice battle is completely random and his algorithm is impartial.

portogas d ace.jpg
genos prova.jpg
d rufy.jpg



There are four kinds of arenas, winning prices are of course higher based on the difficulties.

Prices are random and can be only discover once you will win the final battle.

Indeed higher is the number of the participants bigger will the rewards.




Normal Arena "At Launch"


Rare Arena "At Launch"

Epic Arena "At Launch"

Legendary Arena "At Launch"


Diamonds Arena "At Launch"

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