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Heros and special characters are actually a collectable NFT
Nft Card can be used for gameplay to attack or defence you territories or just can be stored like a normal NFT. Also staking will be incremented to passively earn coins
All NFT’S are different and they’re value is given various rarity and power’s that specific Card represent.
Nft are built on opensea, one of the most reliable platform for NFT
More info can be found in
Example of Nft 

Card Diamond - Monkey D. Rufy

Monkey D. Luffy, also known as " Straw Hat Luffy" and commonly as "Straw Hat", is the main protagonist of the manga and anime, One Piece. He is the founder and captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of its top fighters. His lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Gol D. Roger. He believes that being the Pirate King means having the most freedom in the world.

d rufy.jpg

Card Legendary - Sephirot

Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake and one of the primary antagonists in its extended universe. In spin-off appearances, Sephiroth is depicted as Cloud Strife's archenemy and is seen as a symbol of Cloud's troubled past haunting him. Sephiroth is a former renowned SOLDIER who became twisted.

sephirot acy.jpg

Card Epic - Vergil

Vergil is the son of the demon Sparda and the human Adriana, the elder twin brother of Dante, and the father of Nero. He is one of the main characters in the Devil May Cry series, introduced in the first game as the secondary antagonist, one of the main antagonists of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening and the final antagonist in Devil May Cry 5. In addition to being a boss character in games he becomes playable in Special Editions of Devil May Cry 3 through


Card Rare - Jill Valantine

Member of the S.T.A.R.S. and the B.S.A.A .. Given her fighting skills and her skills, she is one of the most respected members of the organization, of which she was also one of the founding members. When she was in the S.T.A.R.S. she survived the Spencer Villa incident and the Raccoon City Incident. She has long been Chris Redfield's partner and like him has devoted much of her life to stopping bioterrorism and their hated enemy, Albert Wesker.


Card Basic -

D.Va’s mech is nimble and powerful—its twin Fusion Cannons blast away with autofire at short range, and she can use its Boosters to barrel over enemies and obstacles, or deflect attacks with her projectile-dismantling Defense Matrix.

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