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How To Play

Both players can choose up to 5 of his own NFT card to fill up the game
Slots and can be use only one slot at time for a single match.
The level of your card determinates your point score to use in battle.
Life bar will show the life of each player
Ready to battle! Both players will play until one loses all his life
Points. Every turn each player roll tree dices.
Dice game is random we describe here by the dice game rules:
• Player *A has scored 5-4-4
• Player *B scores 6-4-3
Roll the Dice

Player*A loses Each lose 1 point Player*A wins

Win the Arena

Win the Arena Fantastic prices, air drops, fantastic NFT GMETY and many
GamEternity gadgets and items to use in game play.

After Game
Remember every time one of your NFT cards are use in battle
you will not be able to use it for the next 48 hours based on the
level some cards can recover faster than others . Life bar will
indicate the amount of life point in recover.
Using a not fully charge card is possible at your own risk.
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