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Game Eternity Battle Demo
Welcome to GameEternity challange arena

In this demo we will show you the gameplay of the arena.

You will receive a slot where you can upload your Nfts cards and challenge other players in the "roll the dice battle" 🎲

The player that will defeat all 16 players will win a rare GameEternity nft 

Remember this is only a beta and we need to develop all the main feature and animation's before you can actually play it.

Here a list of all the new feature that will soon added to the platform

* Top Rankings players
*Higher points rankings
*NFTs online shop
*Adding more characters 
*Disclosure of the contract
*Adding more arena's 
*Special events
Game Eternity Is now playable on desktop 🖥️
Soon we are implementing a IOS and Android version of GameEternity.
Please stay tuned!
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